New Music

So, this is my first post on a blogging site, crazy. It’s nearing the end of 2014 and I’ve never had a good go at one, but I thought this would be the right opportunity to take one up in my second uni year and give it a bash!

I’m a rookie at this stuff, but hopefully I’ll get better at this and hopefully it’s interesting enough for you guys! Please feel free to comment and tell me how I’m doing, I like to learn new things and well, we are all in this together as a blogging society!


My absolute passion is music, so I thought I could write about one of my first ever gig experiences to relate to the theme of this being my first post.

Music is the only thing I have ever been interested in, being a 90′s kid and having a dad that listened religiously to Oasis and The Stone Roses, it just seemed to grow up with me, a musical family, having a mother and father and myself playing instruments from a young age it just seems that music has always been around me and always will and I think caring for it seems to definitely be shown in my life.

That’s why I’ve started this blog, to vent out all the things I have passions for whether that be live music, a career that I want to pursue, a personal time in my life that I want to share, my time at university, projects etc, etc, etc!

390124_2082035025601_136765159_nOne of my first ever live gigs that I got the opportunity to go to was Kasabian back in 2011 at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena. The excitement and atmosphere of the arena was overwhelming and something I had only ever witnessed once before (at a Lady Gaga concert) but this was on a new whole level different, soon as the support act (Miles Kane) got everyone hyped up it felt as if the energy couldn’t possibly get any higher, but it did.

The energy that Tom and Serge give off to the crowd is most definitely a gift and not something you see daily within a gig, these two frontmen have the ability to show their presence in an unusual way, the crowd just watch in aura of magnificence as they stroll onto the stage knowing they’ve got everyone in the palm of their hands, shouting “Come on Nottingham!”

384544_2082049385960_1620488980_nThe two of them obviously have a strong friendship and have known each other from growing up together in their proud “Les- ta” City hometown. Whichthey recently performed at Victoria Park I jumped at the opportunity to go and obviously they never fail at putting on a show. The bright pink fluorescent screen counting down the minutes and seconds of when the show is about to begin is simply spine tingling.

Over the years they have produced the best albums of all time in my opinion but nothing will ever beat West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, the scratchy guitar riff at the beginning of the album, Underdog is a complete anthem.

Headlining Glastonbury this year is simply overwhelming for the band and for the fans.

From then on, they just progressed on to becoming one of the best bands around in the UK showing ‘the world just what they are’ – Serge.

Sharney x377963_2082075386610_12744284_n

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