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Wow, what a year.

December has topped it all off and been the best month of the year for me.

It all began seeing John Bishop at the Sheffield Motorpoint arena  on 22/11/2014.

IMG_20141122_194844Right near the front smack, bang, wallop in the middle, and scoffing our faces with salt and vinegar crisps trying to contain our excitement, it was all soon to be over as we were told by the stewards that we had come…  THE WRONG DAY. My boyfriend and I had tickets for the show on the 21st, which was the day before and yeah, we didn’t know where to put our heads with embarrassment… Luckily, we was escorted to a different seating area due to it being a genuine mistake and still got to watch the show. Although one of the stewards was very unpolite and rude about the situation, the show went on and although being moved, it didn’t ruin one moment.

John Bishop is a great comedian, the wit he has about everyday life is fantastic, and every single person in that room could relate to a certain topic he brought up.

It was the first time ever that I got to see a comedian and the atmosphere was weird yet brilliant and I couldn’t wait to do it all again at the Noel Fielding event in Nottingham ‘An Evening with NoelFielding (03/11/14). And again, that beat John bishop for me, the most weird thing I’ve ever experienced and he definitely did not disappoint. The fact he engaged with the audience and picked people out whilst shoving a camera in their faces was brilliant, it got people on the edge of their seat and engaged,he definitely knows what he’s doing in the comedy business and he does it well.IMG_20141203_224653

The day before I went to see Noel Fielding in Nottingham, I went to see Catfish and the Bottlemen at one of Sheffield’s most popular nightclubs, Plug. Literally, one of the best live gigs I’ve seen, it was ama zing. I love it when there’sa good crowd and everyone knows the words, it was quite special to see how far they’ve grown in such a small time. They seem to be everywhere now, even on FIFA, a band from Wales that started out pestering other bands about their band had payed off unbelievably and it just goes to show that anybody can get into the music industry if they try hard enough.IMG_20141202_225750

The day after Noel Fielding I went to see the psychedelic band from Kettering at Leadmill in Sheffield (my favourite venue ever for gigs and nights out!) Temples. The presence of the band just leaves you standing there with an airy aura and the liquid lighting done by Mad Alchemy was the best thing ever, if I had the time and knowledge to create such a thing I would.IMG_20141205_153321

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Temples and I really enjoyed it, I hope to see them again soon. Their songs are so unique to any others and it really makes you identify them as something else that no one else has ever done before. Apart from the Marc Bolan-esque hair and the glitter theme going on they are truly different from any other band.

The support band for Temples were the new ‘band craze’ Superfood, now, after I heard about the hype from my boyfriend I gave them a listen and didn’t really see the obsession. But now I’ve seen them and gave them another listen I have grown on them. They aren’t a bad live band either!IMG_20141204_210711

On the 7/11/14 we travelled to Manchester to see Peace and Bombay Bicycle Club at Manchester Apollo, this was the one I was waiting for. I’ve been so intrigued to see Peace ever since I saw them on TV at a festival last year, they looked and sounded so crisp, the sound was mesmerising so I was definitely interested in seeing them for myself and see if I still think this after. And I’m so glad that I still think this after the event, Harrison Koisser’s voice is like an angel’s, he really does put effort into every song he sings and he and the band didn’t disappoint. There was a point that I questioned if the bassist was miming though? But I think I’m wrong and hope I am too. I did look on twitter to see if anyone has questioned this and nobody has so I’m taking it the band don’t…

Bombay Bicycle Club were on another freaking level. The effort that they had produced for the tour was literally breathtaking, the visuals were astounding and I can’t put into words how good it was, you literally had to be there. There were fireworks, confetti, everything. For such a little band (I thought) it was so good to see that the time they used had been a good move and the hard work payed off. The vocals were on top form, it was literally an insane gig to just stand there at the back and be like, ‘wow’ what a band.IMG_20141207_232715

Joe Carnall from Milburn is the final gig on the list for 2014, he played at Plug in Sheffield with a Christmas Special with guests; Milburn members and Jon McClure from Reverend and the Makers, although it was a nostalgic place to be for people of Sheffield with Milburn classics, Joe also played new material and it seemed to go down well with the Yorkshire crowd.

I can’t tell you enough how much I’ve enjoyed 2014, and it can only get better in the new year, I hope you follow me on my journey.

Sharney x

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