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I know this post is quite late but what the hell, why not?

PyramidStageGlastonburyRJ0609112015 is the year I shall be going to my first ever weekend festival, GLASTONBURY, no biggie. This is literally a dream come true for me, anybody that knows me well will know this too. Since I was 10 years old I’ve wanted to go and experience this joyful and vibrant place and this year my dream has come true. The only place in the world I want to ever visit is the time of year Glastonbury comes alive and I’ve waited ten years for it. I’m hoping to see new bands that will be the future and upcoming of music and here’s who I have recently been enjoying…

New bands that have been catching my eye:

1). Superfood (Previously mentioned in my last post)

Superfood-22). SouthernSouthern-1

3). James Bay


I don’t normally do this but I set a new years resolution for myself to push myself harder and ‘just say yes’ to the opportunities that stand out to me. It’s a big year at university for me this year, I’m half way through my second year and have just started to plan my final year dissertation and it’s come around so fast.

I was sat thinking over Christmas that I hardly feel prepared to go out of the world with a degree and be ready searching for a full time job… so I’ve decided that looking for more work experience will help benefit my last year uni years and get out the flat more.

Wanting to pitch advertisements ideas or be a freelance journalist is a passion of mine and something that I’d love to do for the rest of my life. So how am I going to get this career if I’m just sat binging on Netflix watching House all day?

I decided I needed some boundaries:

1). Not watch House all day, everyday..

2). Look for at least 5 jobs a day regarding work experience, volunteering, or a new part time job

3). Be positive and motivated

4). Stay on top of uni work

5). Read more

6). Blog daily

I know this isn’t the regular lengthy blog post that I’ve recently been writing but I wanted to start blogging more daily, therefore I think it’s better if the blog posts are short but sweet. Here’s to 2015!

Sharney x


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