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South West of the Southern Suburbs of Birmingham, the indie rock band Peace have come a long way since 2009. With the vibrant and upbeat album, In Love, the boys headed to number seventy-five on the UK Singles Chart for the week in 2013.On their recent UK tour to promote their latest debut, Happy People, I attended Queens Social Club on the first date of the two in Sheffield to see the ‘lovesick’ fellas.

Dream-like hits such as Wraith, Float Forever and Follow Baby, were some of the classic psychedelic sounds that were played along with new tunes from Happy People, such as the well received ballad World Pleasures, Money and I’m a Girl.

The vibe was definitely persuasive enough to want to join the crowd and to stage invade, and obviously to get to the heartthrob that is Harrison Koisser. At one point through the night, Koisser told the crowd that it was ‘one of the best nights of his life’ the crowd cheered and had no difficulty in singing the songs back to the band.

Harrison’s brother of the band Sam, bassist, crowd surfed for the funky World Pleasure bass solo and raised the bar of the band’s potential.

It was an exceptional intimate venue to see the upcoming rise of a band play at, and was definitely one for Peace fans not to have missed. Happy People is out in stores 9th Feb.
Sharney x

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