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When I heard that the Foo Fighters were back on the road with their latest album Sonic Highways, it brought back all the nostalgia.

Back in my school days, me and my dad would switch the tv on and flick through the channels, this always resorted into me putting on Kerrang! or NME TV. Foo Fighters were always the one that you could rely to just be there.

They’ve recently been headlined ‘favourites’ for Glastonbury rumours, I hope this is true along with AC/DC as an added favourite.

Greatest hits by the Foo’s such as Times Like these, Big Me and Everlong would be incredible to see along with their new songs, although Glastonbury is probably one the most amazing things to experience for the first time, can you actually imagine how good it would be with Foo Fighters as a headliner?

As most Foo Fighter fans may know, Dave Grohl, frontman of the band, has a passion for music alongside his own work and has recently signed on for the role of the Record Store Day 2015 ambassador.

RSDvector_bw“I believe that the power of the record store to inspire is still alive and well, and that their importance to our next generation of musicians is crucial. Take an afternoon (and some hard earned lawn mowing money) and please support them,” Grohl writes. “You never know, it might change your life forever, too.”


For my generation, most of you will know that independent stores are hard to find, and aren’t just lurking anywhere, it’s not the 1960’s. So it’s nice to know that well known frontmen such as Dave are still passionate to keep the flames alive.

Sharney x

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