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I can’t believe it’s nearing the time to get out the wellies and embrace the outdoors. My first ever proper weekend festival that I’ll be attending and I can’t say how grateful I am and to be solucky to even have a ticket. I can already taste the anticipation of fresh, new and exciting bands as well as the most famous. The wait is nearly over and Glastonbury Festival have finally released a pre-line up of talent, although there are many mixed opinions, some saying “Its no way as good as last year!” and others saying the complete opposite, for me it’s more about the unique markets that I’m most looking forward to. Don’t get me wrong, there are bands and artists that I definitely want to see…



Mark Ronson being one and George Ezra being another but it’s more of an experience that I want to fulfil with discovery that being craft markets, food and other new things, like artists. The full line up is yet to be announced along with the last headliner for the Sunday and all I can say is: “it will get much better!” I’m thinking Radiohead… Who do you think it will be? You’ll have to let me know in the comment box below. Being a first timer at this weekend festival lark, I decided it would be useful to make a list of what to actually take. I’ve done a bit of research from other bloggers and i definitely think it’s a win for others and a must read if you are a festival rookie like myself, so I thought I’d do my own little list, as well I thought it would be fun for the pros to join in and give us a little advice.


So here it goes, dum dum dum the Glasto list:

– Large back pack

– Cards / Money

– Tent (duh?)

– Sleeping mat

– Sleeping bag

– Toilet roll

– Wellies/spare shoes for when it hopefully gets hot

– Super thick socks for those grim wellies

– Sun lotion

– Plasters

– Medication if needed

– ID

– Torches/Head-torches for when you nip to the loo in the night

(you never know what you might find on that toilet seat, ew)

– A warm jumper for when it gets chilly

– Waterproofs

– Spare change of clothes for when they get wet

– Hat

– Bags for wellies / dirty clothes/ rubbish

– If you are a customer with EE, power bars to charge your phone is a must!

– Hand sanitiser

– Bum bag / small over the shoulder bag for valuables

– Disposable razor

– Deodorant

– Baby wipes

– Dry shampoo

– She wee? Can anyone let me know if it’s worth the

hassle to get one of these bad boys. Comment below.

– Small pillow

– Sunglasses

– Small mirror

– Make up and other essentials if needed

– Paracetamol for those dreaded hangovers

– Alcohol: Obvs… Bags of wine I’ve heard is the best to carry around

– Hairbrush

– Bikini/shorts: just incase you are desperate for a shower

– Towels

– Camera

– Loads of hair bands

– A decent water bottle

– Fold up chair

– Lipsil

– Poncho/Waterproof one

– Toiletries: Don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste

– Plastic cups

– Moisturiser

– Ear plugs

– And don’t forget yer tickets!

If there’s anything that is a MUST, let me know what you think in the comments box guys.


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Sharney x


  1. I live just outside Glastonbury but lived in Glastonbury for most of my childhood and have been going since I was about 10. Its something I believe everyone should experience at leased once (even though when you’ve been once you will catch the bug and have to be there every year or its torture). The atmosphere is incredible and something I have only felt there. Your list seems pretty good to me, but make it as light as possible because it really is massive and finding somewhere to camp with loads of heavy shit is a slog especially if its muddy! You can be walking around for miles lol. The shepee is a MUST for any girl because honestly the toilets are rank especially towards the end and even worse if its hot, I avoid the porta Loo’s whenever possible and use the metal open topped long drops. My only other advice is go on the Wednesday and make sure your up the stone circle on the Thursday evening/ night because its the best experience everyone make the treck up there on Thursday night to sit and watch the sunrise over the festival Friday morning. Its so beautiful up there its one of the highest points on the site and has the most fantastic view of whole festival. There is always a huge cheer as the sun rises and for me its an absolute must for the atmosphere and experience. I’ll be up there with the thousands of others! Have an amazing time it’s almost impossible not too! X


    1. Thank you for your comment, it sounds amazing I honestly can’t wait to go and experience it! Thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely take your word to gather for the sunset, I bet it’s stunning, I’ll have to see it for myself. You too! x

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  2. Gaffer tape is always handy. And take a space blanket for your tent. It reflects the sun and keeps your tent cool when it’s hot. And at night it keeps heat in when you’re cold. It’s also an extra layer to waterproof your tent if it pelts it down (attach it to the side of your tent that is getting hit by the wind with your gaffer tape).

    And glass isn’t allowed in the festival (including bottles – it will get confiscated!)

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