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tumblr_nigffyZA9u1qieieio1_400“You don’t know her / But she knows you.” 

Currently listed as the Best Selling novel by British author Paula Hawkins and being highly recommend by the kind and helpful employee in Waterstones I couldn’t help but own this mysterious book and I’m so glad that I came across it.

The description just creeping inside on the left hand side of the book grabbed my attention straight away and the imagery of writing helped with the appeal, I automatically knew this book would be a page turner and I was right. This clever thriller inputted twists and turns throughout, perfect pacing, intriguing characters and such a great plot that will leave you thinking for days.

Rachel Watson the protagonist throughout the novel is that certain ‘girl’ on that certain train that commutes to and from London each day. Becoming obsessed with looking through the houses she views at the signal stop each morning and evening from the train, she imagines a certain couple to be named ‘Jess’ and ‘Jason’ the suspected ‘Golden Couple’ with the most perfect relationship.

This relationship is portrayed to her as something that she once had herself, although she does not know Jason and Jess, she can’t stop thinking about them commuting to and from London each day, they become part of her daily life from a view until something happens one day on her travels and changes her perspective and life forever, what could this be?

No spoilers guys, I don’t want to ruin it for the people who are interested to read this book or are just finishing it. But it’s definitely worth a read this book shows you life behind well developed characters doors and grips you so tight you will have a shiver down your spine by the end of it. A brilliantly written Thriller.

Let me know what you think to the book in the comments box guys.


Sharney x


  1. I loved this book and I’m planning on doing an analysis on it this upcoming week. I was completely enthralled by this book. The plot to me felt very original, though I know it’s often compared to ‘Gone Girl’. I finished this book in two sittings and my only regret is that I wish I took my time, because I was that distraught once it was over. Oddly enough I felt the character (megan) was very complex and relatable.. her voice was very well written.

    I hope you check out my analysis soon! Cheers


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