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I absolutely love Autumn and while the majority of the UK would disagree and like it hot, hot hot; I thought I’d make a post about why I adore this season so much and with it now being September I thought it would be perfectly relevant to talk about it to you all.

So here’s a few images from Pinterest that I’ve been pinning:

Autumn Food Blog1. The first thing that I love is the food in Autumn, from Sunday roasts after a long days graft or a long walk in the park there is nothing better than ‘warming your cockles up’. So here’s a recipe I came across on Pinterest. Waitrose’s Roasted Autumn Vegetables with Halloumi: Check out the recipe and ingredients by clicking the image.

Halloween Autumn blog2. Halloween… Duh? Who doesn’t love Halloween. American Horror Story Halloween Specials and sweets at the ready is all you need.

Crafts Autumn Leaves blog3. As it’s only a few months away to Christmas now, prepping your decor skills is key so what better season to start practicing those scissor skills? Make your house feel more homely with a few crafty leaves around. To see how click the image.

Chestnuts Autumn Blog4. Chestnuts are probably my favourite thing in Autumn, perfect to add into those Sunday Roasts with vegetables.

Hot Drinks Autumn Blog5. A nice hot drink is always the one before you start and most importantly ending your day, nothing says de-stressing more than putting your cosy socks on and warming up with a brew to your fav TV Show.

Long Walks Autumn blog6. Long walks are just so pretty in Autumn, scarf on, wellies on and your all set to have the perfect stroll.

Autumnal Colours blog7. Autumnal colours are my absolute favourites, team your seasonal wear this year with a chart.

Bonfire Night Autumn blog8. Bonfire night, smoke fills the air and winter is coming get those winter coats on.

Candles9. Candles are a must have if you want to complete that relaxing vibe.

Autumn Essentials Blog

10. Here’s a few must have essentials to complete the season.

Knowing that Autumn is finally here I can’t wait to get stuck into those cosy oversized sweatshirts, the feeling that Christmas is on it’s way and having those nights in at the weekend with candles surrounding you or those rainy days inside under the duvet with my favourite movies (Big Fish, Love Actually and The Boat That Rocked FYI).

So what are you looking forward to this Autumn, let me know in the comments box guys and give me some suggestions of what to do this Autumn. Check my Autumn Board on Pinterest too @ https://uk.pinterest.com/sharneywarren/ and send me your Pinterest links to see your Autumnal goodies.

Sharney x

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