I’m creating a Fashion Magazine

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For my final year at University I’m creating my very own fashion magazine named after my blog ItsNotPunk and I need YOUR help. If you could take a minute of your day to fill in this survey it would be a massive help https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/PTJHVZM

Creating this will help me to see if I can survive within this competitive industry and as a passion it is a perfect opportunity to see if I can achieve my goals and create something new and unique for myself but to show future employers. 

The magazine is focused on targeting 18+ female readers basing parts of my house style on Elle Magazine. I’d like to create articles such as a street style page, beauty insider tips/advice, social network screenshots for an opinionated feature and a main fashion photoshoot along with interviews, book, music and film reviews and finally articles to do with celebrity style. However I would like to create a retro twist within the magazine to make it a unique product within the market to compete with the other successors and this is where I need your help from the survey.

If there is any other feedback you’d like to give or if you’ve had experience beforehand with this sort of work then it would be a great help. The amount of feedback I have had from my other blog posts have been so overwhelming and supportive so thank you for your help over the past year.

Sharney x

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