How do you become a fashion journalist?

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The million dollar question a lot of people ask within the UK each year, but is there really a perfectly single solid answer that will hit the nail on the head?

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, fashion journalism is writing about the most wonderful and weird textile industry. From a perspective of professional practice it enables our world to delve into aspects of fashion media, working within magazines, newspapers and books and also intertwining within the television world and online fashion of websites, magazines and blogs. With a sophisticated style of critique, reports and knowledge of fashion designers, trends and at times also involving within their field of work – celebrity fashion.

Having an interest in this has always been fascinating for me and I’ve always questioned among many others how do you become a fashion journalist? Stumbling across a video on YouTube I discovered the talented fashionista Alexa Chung presenting Vogue’s Future of Fashion video series, with them being titled “How to get a job at Vogue” and “How to get into Fashion Journalism” along with many other episodes… but these striked me the most.

Tackling the title of my blog, I believe that  Alexa explores in relation to my topic at the most iconic magazine’s London HQ. Interviewing several editors, including the queen of British Vogue, Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Schulman and the lovely Fashion Director Lucinda Chambers. Questioning the two of how they got where they finally stand it comes to no surprise that it is an interning theme jumping from one company to another.

Vogue senior Lucy Chambers explains that there is no linear way of trying to get into the industry and that it happens in different ways for many different people. (Unless your Paul McCartney’s daughter obviously; a photographer that has been at Vogue for many years).

It is a breath of fresh air to see someone from Vogue get the job working the hard way though; Bower began from completing her degree in Human Resources, then went on to work for a retailer in their HR department, she then became an intern for The Sunday Times at an older age than most interns and this is how she got in with the chance of a  connection with Vogue as she began working as an assistant for a Contributing Editor at the magazine.

Fashion Director Lucinda Chambers began by working at Topshop and called Vogue to ask for an interview. A lucky day was in store when she managed to speak to Personnel Director simply for the fact that her assistant was ill that day and managed to bag a job and has worked for Vogue ever since.

It all seems to be struck with luck, the chance to put your foot through the door at any chance given, but also being at the right place at the right time.

Patience and determination seems to be the key to build a reputation and stand out and be a member of this industry get work experience and apply for many internships as possible.

As hard is sounds, don’t give up.

Have the right attitude, set realistic goals concentrate on making every opportunity brilliant and productive, jump in the deep end and keep motivated through those pain-stakenly mundane jobs, take risks, write a blog. It will be worth the wait, remember to stay eager and be ready to listen and learn.

The Fashion Industry thrives off building the right contacts book, so make sure you stand out and show that you are dedicated to the job. Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Develop a friendly skin and introduce yourself to anyone and everyone- you never know who you might meet.

Indulge in copious amounts of trends and affairs that are circulating right now never underestimate the knowledge you may need, not only what is present but also look over previous decades and educate yourself about the history of fashion.

Like Senior Fashion editor states to Alexa Chung there really is no linear way to get a job within the industry, it happens differently for different people, at least we can take in more knowledge and try our best at succeeding one step at a time.

One more thing:

“Life is a little bit like a garden – you have to find time to plant the seeds for beautiful flowers to grow.”

– Oscar De La Renta

Sharney x

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