I want to visit New York

Every single year around Christmas I say that I want to go New York, yet it’s never happened. So this year I am going to try my very best to make it happen. I would love to stay there for around a week, close to Times Square, be able to visit the little quirks asContinue reading “I want to visit New York”


Here are a few things that I have loved from living in Sheffield from the past three years, I wanted to do this post, as I will be leaving soon to live back home now that I’ve finished my studies and wanted to show a bit of appreciation for the city I love most, Sheffield.Continue reading “10 BEST THINGS ABOUT THE CITY I LIVE IN: SHEFFIELD”

Christmas Day Baking

It’s that time of year again, mad rushes, dashes to the supermarket and wrapping presents like crazy ready for the big day, Christmas. Why does everyone panic? I thought I’d share some quick and easy steps of how to bake some goodies to get you into that festive spirit. Every year it’s a tradition thatContinue reading “Christmas Day Baking”