How do you become a fashion journalist?

The million dollar question a lot of people ask within the UK each year, but is there really a perfectly single solid answer that will hit the nail on the head? For those who aren’t familiar with the term, fashion journalism is writing about the most wonderful and weird textile industry. From a perspective ofContinue reading “How do you become a fashion journalist?”


***No Spoilers*** As most of you will already know, I love a good thriller, so when I spotted this little gem on the side of Waterston’s Best-sellers Shelf I decided I’d treat myself to a little bit of excitement of the unknown. So it’s a suspenseful book I’ll give you that, and ‘thriller of theContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: AFTER THE CRASH”

Its Not Punk: Magazine Edition

So after all the sweat, blood and tears that have literally gone into this work, I can finally show you. Its Not Punk Magazine Edition is finally here: Link to the magazine hurray! Most of you know that I was creating a fashion magazine for my dissertation (final) project at university and now that it’s been markedContinue reading “Its Not Punk: Magazine Edition”