Hopefully this top 5 fashion ‘must haves’ will help you prep for another fresh start either that be a new city, a new year or a new school, getting back on the education wagon is incredibly important and what’s better than a new wardrobe to start with? Turn heads and make those first impressions right.

I’ve been absolutely loving Topshop’s collection recently and it seems to be getting more fabulous each week, the sixties and seventies fashion ‘inspo’ are my favs and nothing screams smart to me more than a pair of cigarette trousers with brogues or even a stripy funnel neck with a pair of tights and dungarees.

So here’s what my top 5 picks are for that first term:

// Topshop

Inverness Checked Wool Pinafore Dress //

// £185

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 19.55.32

‘As if’… Embed a ‘Clueless’ classic Cher look. Tartan will always be an autumnal look and with a square clean, yet sharp silhouette and a hidden zip at the back, you are well on your way.


Suede Western Jacket //

// £135

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 19.55.59

The 70’s has made a comeback I couldn’t help but squeeze a bit of suede into my top picks. A classic front style with zipped trims to the sleeves and patch pockets, this would team up perfectly with a cosy black turtle neck and black skinnies.

// Topshop

Daisy Print Cigarette Trousers //

// £39

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 19.56.12

Think practical yet chic, these daisy print cigarette trousers are a gem to create that smart look, cut with a flattering tapered leg and an ankle grazer in length, you can’t go wrong. Oh and they’ve got side pockets, what more could a girl want.

// Topshop

PETITE Bright Floral Tunic //

// £32

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 19.53.58

Okay, this is my favourite from the list. Who said floral is dead in Autumn? This retro print will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

// Topshop

Striped Funnel Neck Top //

// £18

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 19.56.28

If you want to create a slimming look nothing is better than stripes paired up with black dungarees. This soft knit jersey style is ultra fitted to fabricate the most perfect silhouette.

What have you been loving this month and what will you be wearing for ‘back to school’ wear? Let me know in the comments.

Sharney x


Preparing for that semester

It’s that time again. Start of a new semester and for some of you it will be moving to create a new life at University.

Being a uni student myself and being in my final year towards my Media degree, I thought I’d make a post that would be perfectly suitable advice for you freshers out there who are wondering what’s the basic essentials you need to take to your new home.

My first piece of advice to you is please don’t panic and take 101 things that you don’t necessarily need. Most universities tend to be just round the corner from lots of shops and high streets and if not you can virtually order anything to your doorstep so no need to worry.

It might be easier to buy things there to make a lighter journey for yourself and just take the vital ingredients that you can’t live without. Another thing to stress about is you are probably moving into a much smaller room than your bedroom at home so make sure to be prepared for this.

Before we move on to other parts of my list, I thought it was crucial to throw important documents into the guide first:

a– University admission acceptance letter

– Accommodation terms/contract (literally so important!)

– Passport/Driver’s licence and passport photos

– Debit card and bank details

– Student loan documents

– National Insurance number, exam certificates

– Student discount cards e.g: 16-25 rail card

Now you might be having flat parties and what not so speakers might be a big one for the list, however your flat mates will probably already have this so caring is sharing right?

bElectrical Essentials:

– Laptop or computer (library if needed)

– Ethernet cable

– Headphones: it can get a bit noisy in Halls believe me

– USB Stick

– Extension Cable

– Speakers

– Chargers

Academic Resources:

I think this is an obvious one, everything from pens to notebooks, diaries, books to calculators even a dictaphone you name it.

Preparing for that semester 3The most requested thing from a student is knowing what to take for the kitchen… Be very careful what to take as items can and will probably go unused so some of it will be pretty useless so don’t take or purchase anything too expensive.

Preparing for that semester 2Kitchen Essentials:

– A students guide to cooking is literally one of the best things you can purchase for the kitchen, learn how to make affordable hearty meals.

– A wok

– One saucepan

– 1 sharp knife along with a cutlery set

– Scissors

– One plate and bowl

– Two mugs and two glasses

– Flat baking tray

– Lunch box

– A collinder

– A baking dish

So throughout my two year journey at Sheffield Hallam I’ve been in Student Halls, and one big must have is to purchase the comfiest bedding and pillows. You will be spending a hella’ lot of time in your room believe me, so make sure it’s the best.

Preparing for that semester 1Bedroom Essentials:

– A mattress protector is seriously so vital to have, you don’t know who’s been in that bed before you

– To make it that more homely bring posters and photos of friends and family, why not hang them up with some fairy lights and give your room a pretty uplift.

– Bed sheets, duvet and pillows

– Coat hangers

– Laundry bag

– Ear plugs

Make sure you have all your home comforts with you and I know for sure mine are definitely for the bathroom after a hard day at work or that long, cold walk home…

Preparing for that semester 4Bathroom Essentials:

– Towels

– Toiletries

– Bleach and cleaning products

– First aid kit

– Toilet roll

– Wash bag: shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush/toothpaste, shower gel and make up essentials

Preparing for that semester 5 So this is my guide to you for those that are planning to live at University, I hope you like it and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop a comment below, I’d be more than happy to help. Click on the photos for Pinterest tips!

Sharney x


I absolutely love Autumn and while the majority of the UK would disagree and like it hot, hot hot; I thought I’d make a post about why I adore this season so much and with it now being September I thought it would be perfectly relevant to talk about it to you all.

So here’s a few images from Pinterest that I’ve been pinning:

Autumn Food Blog1. The first thing that I love is the food in Autumn, from Sunday roasts after a long days graft or a long walk in the park there is nothing better than ‘warming your cockles up’. So here’s a recipe I came across on Pinterest. Waitrose’s Roasted Autumn Vegetables with Halloumi: Check out the recipe and ingredients by clicking the image.

Halloween Autumn blog2. Halloween… Duh? Who doesn’t love Halloween. American Horror Story Halloween Specials and sweets at the ready is all you need.

Crafts Autumn Leaves blog3. As it’s only a few months away to Christmas now, prepping your decor skills is key so what better season to start practicing those scissor skills? Make your house feel more homely with a few crafty leaves around. To see how click the image.

Chestnuts Autumn Blog4. Chestnuts are probably my favourite thing in Autumn, perfect to add into those Sunday Roasts with vegetables.

Hot Drinks Autumn Blog5. A nice hot drink is always the one before you start and most importantly ending your day, nothing says de-stressing more than putting your cosy socks on and warming up with a brew to your fav TV Show.

Long Walks Autumn blog6. Long walks are just so pretty in Autumn, scarf on, wellies on and your all set to have the perfect stroll.

Autumnal Colours blog7. Autumnal colours are my absolute favourites, team your seasonal wear this year with a chart.

Bonfire Night Autumn blog8. Bonfire night, smoke fills the air and winter is coming get those winter coats on.

Candles9. Candles are a must have if you want to complete that relaxing vibe.

Autumn Essentials Blog

10. Here’s a few must have essentials to complete the season.

Knowing that Autumn is finally here I can’t wait to get stuck into those cosy oversized sweatshirts, the feeling that Christmas is on it’s way and having those nights in at the weekend with candles surrounding you or those rainy days inside under the duvet with my favourite movies (Big Fish, Love Actually and The Boat That Rocked FYI).

So what are you looking forward to this Autumn, let me know in the comments box guys and give me some suggestions of what to do this Autumn. Check my Autumn Board on Pinterest too @ and send me your Pinterest links to see your Autumnal goodies.

Sharney x


I know this is a very late post, I apologise!

Better late than never.

Let me know in the comments box who you enjoyed this year.

Enjoy! Sharney x

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 17.00.25

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 16.59.38
The Jellyfish Tower
Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 16.59.51
The Pyramid Stage: Paul Weller
Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 17.00.02
The Pyramid Stage: Florence
Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 17.00.39
The Other Stage: The Charlatans
Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 17.01.00
John Peel Stage: Circa Waves
Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 17.00.49
John Peel Stage: Circa Waves
Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 17.01.32
John Peel Stage: Slaves
Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 17.01.21
John Peel Stage: Slaves
Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 17.01.10
John Peel Stage: Slaves

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 16.59.24Don’t forget to share your moments of Glasto this year with me!

Sharney x


tumblr_nigffyZA9u1qieieio1_400“You don’t know her / But she knows you.” 

Currently listed as the Best Selling novel by British author Paula Hawkins and being highly recommend by the kind and helpful employee in Waterstones I couldn’t help but own this mysterious book and I’m so glad that I came across it.

The description just creeping inside on the left hand side of the book grabbed my attention straight away and the imagery of writing helped with the appeal, I automatically knew this book would be a page turner and I was right. This clever thriller inputted twists and turns throughout, perfect pacing, intriguing characters and such a great plot that will leave you thinking for days.

Rachel Watson the protagonist throughout the novel is that certain ‘girl’ on that certain train that commutes to and from London each day. Becoming obsessed with looking through the houses she views at the signal stop each morning and evening from the train, she imagines a certain couple to be named ‘Jess’ and ‘Jason’ the suspected ‘Golden Couple’ with the most perfect relationship.

This relationship is portrayed to her as something that she once had herself, although she does not know Jason and Jess, she can’t stop thinking about them commuting to and from London each day, they become part of her daily life from a view until something happens one day on her travels and changes her perspective and life forever, what could this be?

No spoilers guys, I don’t want to ruin it for the people who are interested to read this book or are just finishing it. But it’s definitely worth a read this book shows you life behind well developed characters doors and grips you so tight you will have a shiver down your spine by the end of it. A brilliantly written Thriller.

Let me know what you think to the book in the comments box guys.


Sharney x


Scanning through the same old online fashion shops/boutiques can certainly be a bore and a chore personally when it comes down to searching high and low for the perfect outfit; whether that be for a day out with friends, a night out on the town, a romantic meal for two, holiday or even a festival.

Yet I stumbled across the incredibly beautiful blogger Christina Topacio with her faultless fashion blog: ‘Profresh Style’. Completely falling in love with a design of a low cut maxi dress that she owned, I became intrigued to find out how much this dress is, and to see what the hype is around the online shop ‘Free People’. I can finally say I get the obsession and I’m all around in love with it.

‘Free People’ was founded by Dick Hayne in the 1970’s and opened the store to many within West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then kicked off into other states as well as the UK. As it says on the website the demand was almost immediate. Keeping a theme throughout their designs with creativity and individuality, these pieces really do shine through femininity, courage and spirit and I honestly can’t believe it’s took me this long to find it.

Profresh Style 1Profresh Style 3Profresh Style 2(Above is Christina Topacio sporting the gorgeous Free People Maxi Dress I previously mentioned above. Unfortunately I cannot find the dress on the site, so if anyone knows where I can get this piece from or have seen it on the site with the price, please do hit the comment button and let me know, thanks!)

So I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone by telling you how much I have fell in love with this online fashion site, but also I thought it was perfect wear for festival season. Therefore I thought I’d treat you all to a fashion guide on festival wear with clothes from Free People.

Let’s start off with accessories:


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 13.55.52Free People //

// Rosebay Cross Body


This stunning embroidery and all over mirror embellishments will capture any fashionistas eye, with a suede trim and shoulder strap along with beading, it screams festival wear all over. With fabric lining and interior pockets it’s perfect for a hot summer weekend.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 14.05.57Free People //

// Tribal Painted Oversized Scarf


Honey tones are in this season and if you want to rock ‘that 70’s’ look nothing is better than a headscarf with good vibes to finish off your statement look.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 14.09.33Free People //

// Dried Flower Tattoos


A free spirited look can be pulled off in no time. Although these temporary floral tattoos may be pricy, they are luxuriously hand drawn with handmade inspiration from sunny California on it’s side.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 14.15.04Free People //

// Hayden Flatform Sandal


Okay, so not quite an accessory… yet I thought I’d throw them in anyway! These flatforms are a must buy for festival season, nothing is worse than having just wellies and sweating your socks in the heat due to you British people thinking it was going to rain all weekend. Come on, be optimistic guys.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 14.19.03Free People //

// Abbey Road Sunglasses


These rounded shaped, Lennon styled retro sunnies with tinted lenses, are a definite accessory to complete our English summer.

Clothing guide:


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 14.24.40Free People //

// Wanderer Mini Dress


This coral shift dress is taking you way back to the swinging sixties. Featuring bell sleeves and a scalloped crochet trim, heads will be turned no doubt.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 14.28.03Free People //

// Nirvana Tee


Wanting that 90’s grunge look? These are the boys you need to be pulling off. This soft and comfy tee is inspired by Nirvana’s 1991 USA concert tour. Featuring exposed stitching for that vintage worn-in feel.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 14.37.41Free People //

// Daisy Billow Sleeve Dress


This floral chiffon will take your breath away. Featuring side cutout detailing, pleating, along with a bandeau style bust, completed with a hidden back zip, this is for the brave ones out there.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 14.42.07Free People //

// Down To Earth Romper


This ocean blue, silky little romper number has an elastic drawstring waist and adjustable straps, making those portaloo trips just that little bit easier.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 14.45.44Free People //

// Santa Cruz Dress


If you want to go for that full blown fashion IT girl style, then knock em’ dead in this Santa Cruz polyester dress. Coral is flooding back in this summer. Finish off with some jewellery and you’ll be the best dressed.

Hope you like this post guys, let me know what you think! Hit the comment box below and if you’ve been loving anything recently feel free to share.

Sharney x



“When you work to please others you can’t succeed, but the things you go to satisfy yourself stand a chance of catching someone’s interest.” – Marcel Proust, Pastiches Et Mélanges.

A Novel written by four best friends intrigues me right away. Expecting nothing but sass and class, this book is what I’ve been looking for a long time, it has a unique approach with no chapters or even a story. Although you could argue that it is a broken down one about a typical ‘Parisian woman’, it’s got every little detail down from tips on how to be stylish, effortless, extravagant and how to throw the best parties, you name it.

Although I say ‘effortless’ is stressed throughout the book, I’d say it comes across with very high maintenance attitudes rather than low. The book is hilarious at times and did have me laughing to myself now and again about certain attitudes I regard myself having. The part about ‘Women’s Real Assets’ and ‘The Ideal Man’ will just make you giggle. Although it can be seen as a parody, it’s great to learn recipes for dinner parties and other delightful little bites. As well as this, a lot of girls and guys want to be a fashionista or go through these fashion craze phases and nothing is better to than look up to French Goddesses such as Bridget Bardot and Thylane Blondeau.

I find it truly fascinating that us British people and other countries around the world are obsessed about French lifestyle and culture along with their flawless simplicity.  If you want to be took to a first date, a party, the countryside or get advice about how to look natural to making your boyfriend jealous, it has every tip of the trade for your indulgence.

Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas have hit every French stereotype on the head.

Let me know what you think of the book in the comments guys, it’s worth a read.


Sharney x


I thought I’d target myself a tiny weeny little goal, to do a Top 5 for fashion each and every month. Now I’m not going to say that I’m going to stick at this, although I wish I had the shear motivation to do so frequently each day. Don’t get me wrong I love blogs and I love writing it just seems to not like me , by that I mean I feel like I don’t have the confidence to, then sometimes, just sometimes I’ll just think, who cares? So let’s just see how it goes shall we!



ASOS Duster Coat In Textured Wool.


This sassy little number is by the ASOS Collection, fully lined with an oversized fit it’s perfect to wear in this unpredictable British weather.


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 11.51.00

MISSGUIDED Marliee Check Print Duster Coat

Was £35 NOW £15

A professional yet casual grid print coat will turn heads in the street. A rad longline tailored number will leave you some edge to your seasoned look.



MANGO Flowy Trench


Wanting to keep it simple? Perfect for a coffee date or the way to a work meeting, this pastel grey delight will forever be your statement piece.





Although this may be above people’s price range there’s nothing better than a window shop… This sleek piece is beautifully engineered to fit all shapes and sizes. Flawlessly perfected as an asymmetric waterfall front.



TOPSHOP Split Back Duster Coat


This lighter duster is definitely the best saved until last. With a split back storm flap and a double breasted front, I personally would never take it off.

If there’s a Duster Coat that you seem to be loving this season, let me know in the comments guys!

Sharney x



I can’t believe it’s nearing the time to get out the wellies and embrace the outdoors. My first ever proper weekend festival that I’ll be attending and I can’t say how grateful I am and to be solucky to even have a ticket. I can already taste the anticipation of fresh, new and exciting bands as well as the most famous. The wait is nearly over and Glastonbury Festival have finally released a pre-line up of talent, although there are many mixed opinions, some saying “Its no way as good as last year!” and others saying the complete opposite, for me it’s more about the unique markets that I’m most looking forward to. Don’t get me wrong, there are bands and artists that I definitely want to see…



Mark Ronson being one and George Ezra being another but it’s more of an experience that I want to fulfil with discovery that being craft markets, food and other new things, like artists. The full line up is yet to be announced along with the last headliner for the Sunday and all I can say is: “it will get much better!” I’m thinking Radiohead… Who do you think it will be? You’ll have to let me know in the comment box below. Being a first timer at this weekend festival lark, I decided it would be useful to make a list of what to actually take. I’ve done a bit of research from other bloggers and i definitely think it’s a win for others and a must read if you are a festival rookie like myself, so I thought I’d do my own little list, as well I thought it would be fun for the pros to join in and give us a little advice.


So here it goes, dum dum dum the Glasto list:

– Large back pack

– Cards / Money

– Tent (duh?)

– Sleeping mat

– Sleeping bag

– Toilet roll

– Wellies/spare shoes for when it hopefully gets hot

– Super thick socks for those grim wellies

– Sun lotion

– Plasters

– Medication if needed

– ID

– Torches/Head-torches for when you nip to the loo in the night

(you never know what you might find on that toilet seat, ew)

– A warm jumper for when it gets chilly

– Waterproofs

– Spare change of clothes for when they get wet

– Hat

– Bags for wellies / dirty clothes/ rubbish

– If you are a customer with EE, power bars to charge your phone is a must!

– Hand sanitiser

– Bum bag / small over the shoulder bag for valuables

– Disposable razor

– Deodorant

– Baby wipes

– Dry shampoo

– She wee? Can anyone let me know if it’s worth the

hassle to get one of these bad boys. Comment below.

– Small pillow

– Sunglasses

– Small mirror

– Make up and other essentials if needed

– Paracetamol for those dreaded hangovers

– Alcohol: Obvs… Bags of wine I’ve heard is the best to carry around

– Hairbrush

– Bikini/shorts: just incase you are desperate for a shower

– Towels

– Camera

– Loads of hair bands

– A decent water bottle

– Fold up chair

– Lipsil

– Poncho/Waterproof one

– Toiletries: Don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste

– Plastic cups

– Moisturiser

– Ear plugs

– And don’t forget yer tickets!

If there’s anything that is a MUST, let me know what you think in the comments box guys.


Images used:

Sharney x


Due to so many deadlines within the past month I haven’t been able to write on here as much as I wanted to,so I thought I’d share what’s been on my mind since I’ve been away…

PJ-BT054_FASHIO_G_20140204150652Ever since I got my hands on a glossy front page, I’ve been fascinated by the magazine world and how they produce and satisfy to such a high level for our consumer-crazy obsessed needs. So many people are rushing to the doors to be part of the industry and I would like to join the bandwagon.

My heart has been set on the publishing business for quite a few years now and I’ve started to feel more prepared since I’ve got involved with the ropes through my studies and work experience. At the moment I’m working as an Intern at Sheffield’s local- Exposed Magazine, the team have been so welcoming in letting me be a part of their work and I’m loving every damn minute.


When I see that my work has been published professionally, it just makes me want to work even harder in the ever growing industry and I have set an ultimate goal that I will have created something small within the next year or so.

I guess this why I’m writing on this blog… maybe it’s a temporary thing, practice for the real thing or just a diary I want to share? I don’t know, I guess I’m just doing what I enjoy and I’m pretty happy with that.

I’ll be starting to prep for my final year in the summer for an Applied project, I’m hoping to carry on the project afterwards if it’s a success, (plus if i’ve got a good grade for it!)

The only issue is – in my opinion, I believe that I will need help with this if i’m going to take it seriously, so that’s one thing I need to tackle ASAP after the final project of my studies. Music and fashion seem to be my main interest so I’m going with these topics to be the main course, obviously with a few added appetisers to tease your reading minds.

What topics would you like to see in the magazine? If you have any ideas feel free to comment. It’s nice to know that I’ve already had so many readers come and visit my blog, so thank you to those who have read my posts.

I’ll be writing again soon.

Sharney x

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