Fashion: Top 5: Affordable Highstreet Prom/Grad Ball Dresses

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Recently having my own graduation ball, I found that searching for the perfect dress was hard work. So I decided to write about a few of my favourites showing what I thought were affordable and easy to purchase as a high-street buy. I wanted to gather a collection of what could be for the specific occasions that are similar such as prom/college/graduation etc.

Here is my top five:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 20.55.11

1. // Blush Hour Tulle Dress 

 Nasty Gal //

// £137

Presented in the most mad blush, this dress can separate as a light pink bodice with a skirt as an attachment. The bodice features a sweetheart neckline and the skirt is made in floor length tulle. Perfect for prom.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 20.55.15

2. // Ariana Grande Cutout Body Maxi Dress

Lipsy //

// £68.00

This evening wear gown is my ultimate favourite, also the one I wore to my graduation. Cutout design with a rushing detail on the waist, team up with a pair of silver high heels and clutch bag for a classic red carpet look.


3. // Limited Edition Long Dress

Zara //

// £49.99

Zara’s limited edition, plunges from the neckline with a glittered tint to glam up the simple style of a maxi dress. Cut out back with detailed strap-lines.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 20.55.23

4. // Pleated Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress


// £75.00

This lined body is pleated chiffon on the sleeves with a plunge neckline, open back with strap detail, nude colour is so in for this season. Grab while you can.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 20.55.41

5. // Premium Leaf Embellished Mini Dress Blue

Misguided //

// £95.00

Embellished detailing on this dress is something I’m crushing on at the minute. Nude mesh finish and mini dress for underneath works amazingly well together, also with a discreet zip to the side for a comfortable finish. Wear with nude heels to keep those eyes on the dress.

Hope this helps with ideas if you have a certain occasion cropping up soon! Let me know in the comments what your favourites are this season, or what your favourite is from my top picks.

Sharney x


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My time at University is soon to be coming to an end, my third and final year is one that I want to make the best of and cherish for the rest of my life as one of the most fun, stressful and hardworking challenges I’ve had to overcome and hopefully succeed with a decent grade in the bag. So I decided to write about my living experience within my time of study.

So let’s get the tough stuff out the way first shall we.


Living in University Halls as a whole


Living in halls has been a complete down side to my three years. First year was a massive whirlwind and I felt like I didn’t belong, in many respects my flat mates had completely different personalities to one another and second year I had two third year boys living with me that liked to be in their rooms at all times alone.

You might question ‘if you had such a bad experience first year then why didn’t you live with friends or commute from home’?

Well, all of my course friends were either close to their flat mates they started out with or already luckily lived with one another so it was hard for me to come up with a suggestion.

So for my final year I decided to ask a friend I’ve known for many years back home to live with me, someone who’s currently in her second year and also had a negative experience living in halls with random people her first year.

It does get better. Yet this experience doesn’t happen to everyone and most people are incredibly lucky to become BFF’S with their flat mates it doesn’t always work out like that. I had high expectations from mature friends that university life would be so easy and so fun straight from the word go, and for me that was misleading.

2. Halls can be crazy expensive


You may find it expensive for what is on offer and there is a huge difference within high and low end accommodation based on terms of comfort. Privacy can be shattered with thin walls.

However it may be more expensive than private living but you have all the facilities included such as heating and water expenses along with accommodation maintenance staff on hand if anything needs to be repaired straight away.

3. Might not get the cleanest flat mates


Pot luck can be a thing and it has been averagely okay for me this year to be honest (apart from having a slice of kebab clinging to the floor for days) but the last two years not so. Prepare for the filthiest things your eyes will ever see, no jokes it can be grim.

Do yourself a favor and be that nagging clean freak, nothing worse than not being able to sit and watch tv on a sofa with your mates and having to seclude yourself in a tiny room because someone has made it a hell hole. Stand your ground when needed.


1. Freedom and easing into independent living


Although there might be down sides to university life such as badly picked flat mates, yucky floors and dishes… it’s so great having your own independence and having the fun of cooking your own meals everyday, creating another bedroom for you to live in, having the freedom and going out whenever you want to.

Social life is great and with freshers at the beginning of each year it’s best to just go and break the ice with everyone and see what your community has to offer. Whether that be making friends with your neighbours, joining a society or even just pushing yourself out there with something you wouldn’t normally do. My aim is to join the gym this year.

2. Location for most Halls is great


Halls can be so close into the heart of the city, highstreet shopping galore and a doorstep away from your local supermarket. No more daily struggles carrying those hefty bags.

Another positive is no dodgy nights out in taxis when all the pubs and clubs are super close you can just be a minute walk away.

This is one of my favorite things about living in halls, nothing is better than having a catch up with friends or family and be a corner away from your flat.

3. The chance to meet different types of people


Freshers is important for this, you need to get yourself out there and meet as many different people as you can, for social skills and to just prove to yourself that you can have confidence.

Also through the course, I have met many incredible people during my time at University and I know that some will be friends for life and have been there since day one of starting and I’m so grateful to have met them, others have taught me lessons in life to just grab what I can and just go for it.

I’ve never been this happy in my final year to finally find that I’m having a great experience and it really is what you make it, nobody can change it for you, you have to do these things by yourself.

I hope you liked my post about the pros and cons of university life, feel free to comment and check out the images above.

Sharney x


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Preparing for that semester

It’s that time again. Start of a new semester and for some of you it will be moving to create a new life at University.

Being a uni student myself and being in my final year towards my Media degree, I thought I’d make a post that would be perfectly suitable advice for you freshers out there who are wondering what’s the basic essentials you need to take to your new home.

My first piece of advice to you is please don’t panic and take 101 things that you don’t necessarily need. Most universities tend to be just round the corner from lots of shops and high streets and if not you can virtually order anything to your doorstep so no need to worry.

It might be easier to buy things there to make a lighter journey for yourself and just take the vital ingredients that you can’t live without. Another thing to stress about is you are probably moving into a much smaller room than your bedroom at home so make sure to be prepared for this.

Before we move on to other parts of my list, I thought it was crucial to throw important documents into the guide first:

a– University admission acceptance letter

– Accommodation terms/contract (literally so important!)

– Passport/Driver’s licence and passport photos

– Debit card and bank details

– Student loan documents

– National Insurance number, exam certificates

– Student discount cards e.g: 16-25 rail card

Now you might be having flat parties and what not so speakers might be a big one for the list, however your flat mates will probably already have this so caring is sharing right?

bElectrical Essentials:

– Laptop or computer (library if needed)

– Ethernet cable

– Headphones: it can get a bit noisy in Halls believe me

– USB Stick

– Extension Cable

– Speakers

– Chargers

Academic Resources:

I think this is an obvious one, everything from pens to notebooks, diaries, books to calculators even a dictaphone you name it.

Preparing for that semester 3The most requested thing from a student is knowing what to take for the kitchen… Be very careful what to take as items can and will probably go unused so some of it will be pretty useless so don’t take or purchase anything too expensive.

Preparing for that semester 2Kitchen Essentials:

– A students guide to cooking is literally one of the best things you can purchase for the kitchen, learn how to make affordable hearty meals.

– A wok

– One saucepan

– 1 sharp knife along with a cutlery set

– Scissors

– One plate and bowl

– Two mugs and two glasses

– Flat baking tray

– Lunch box

– A collinder

– A baking dish

So throughout my two year journey at Sheffield Hallam I’ve been in Student Halls, and one big must have is to purchase the comfiest bedding and pillows. You will be spending a hella’ lot of time in your room believe me, so make sure it’s the best.

Preparing for that semester 1Bedroom Essentials:

– A mattress protector is seriously so vital to have, you don’t know who’s been in that bed before you

– To make it that more homely bring posters and photos of friends and family, why not hang them up with some fairy lights and give your room a pretty uplift.

– Bed sheets, duvet and pillows

– Coat hangers

– Laundry bag

– Ear plugs

Make sure you have all your home comforts with you and I know for sure mine are definitely for the bathroom after a hard day at work or that long, cold walk home…

Preparing for that semester 4Bathroom Essentials:

– Towels

– Toiletries

– Bleach and cleaning products

– First aid kit

– Toilet roll

– Wash bag: shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush/toothpaste, shower gel and make up essentials

Preparing for that semester 5 So this is my guide to you for those that are planning to live at University, I hope you like it and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop a comment below, I’d be more than happy to help. Click on the photos for Pinterest tips!

Sharney x